The proposal is for a stainless steel, multi-ethnic, multi-historic female statue symbolically reaching out to people entering the United States through the Golden Gate welcoming them into the country and the Bay Area. The statue will complement and balance the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor.

This monument will incorporate our native redwood tree as a major element of its design.  The Statue of Unity will rise up from a 50 foot-tall redwood grove.  Pathways through the trees will lead to elevators and stairs that provide access to the interior of the statue and viewing stations at various levels.

The Statue of Unity will soar 305 feet above Treasure Island just one inch shorter than the Statue of Liberty.  Looking across from the San Francisco Embarcadero, this gleaming stainless steel statue will be proportional in height to Yerba Buena Island.  At night, the statute’s interior and exterior illumination will harken back to the years when Treasure Island was home to the Golden Gate International Exposition.

Visitors to the Statue of Unity will enjoy a fresh perspective of the bridge, the city, and the Bay. They will also have a memorable architectural experience. After entering the redwood grove, visitors will ascend through the trees to the first level at the statue’s feet.  The experience of walking up gently climbing pathways to the treetops will be like climbing through the forest to arrive at the mountain.



“Sigame/Follow Me”, shown here as if it were on Treasure Island, has a similar feeling and pose as the proposed Statue of Unity. 
The 12-foot-tall statue was commissioned by the City of Oakland in 2001 and is located in Union Point Park.



Seen from the San Francisco Embarcadero at night, the Statue of Unity will have stained glass windows illuminated by energy efficient LED lights.   



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